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Dear Noorin,

March 25, 2014


  Read in the FMT that the Bar Council is on your case for your alleged professional misconduct during the court proceedings to sentence Karpal in his sedition charge conviction. Many, it seems, think you are downright evil for the way your pressed for a custodial sentence, even urging the court to disregard the fact […]

Apologise to you, Doc?

March 20, 2014


I attended Mahathir’s lecture on poverty earlier today at the University of Malaya. Malaysiakini has the report HERE. During Q&A, I posed 3 questions to him. The 3rd question was whether he was ready to take responsibility and apologise to the poor and the marginalised. In his response, he asked, in turn, that I apologise […]

Why we need the Social Inclusion Agenda

March 18, 2014


Why? See the graphic below? If these government figures are to be believed, then all is well with Malaysians. Poverty and deprivation of basic needs, like food, education, health and economic opportunities are alien to Malaysia. Only 108,000 households out of a total of 6.3 million are poor? If true, then the government has done […]

Uncovering the whereabouts of MH370, or a major cover-up?

March 13, 2014


Get this report on the Rakyat Times HERE.

Shocked? Why?

March 7, 2014


These are some of the reactions quoted by the Malaysianinsider to the decision of the Court of Appeal to overturn Anwar’s acquittal on the Sodomy II charge. “I can’t believe this is happening!” – Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan. “Shocking…Where is Justice?” – Elizabeth Wong. I am really surprised that Ambiga “can’t believe this is happening” or […]

Tell the truth and shame this Pinnochio BN “no moral authority to govern” government

March 5, 2014


If government statistics are to be believed, there are just over 419,000 households in Kuala Lumpur. Assuming each household has 5 members, that’s over 2.1 million people. Government statistics would have us further believe that only 3,354 households, or 16,770 people, in Kuala Lumpur, live in poverty. They achieve these figures by using a poverty […]

Still just talking, or have you let your signature do your walking this time?

March 5, 2014


Don’t know what I am going on about this morning? Well, click HERE to find out. Then please do the right thing, if you haven’t already done so.

Why so many are marginalised? A racist UMNO / BN regime, a lying mainstream media and an apathetic middle class

March 1, 2014


ABU needs you on our road to take Putrajaya

March 1, 2014


I sincerely believe that ABU got the strategy right in the run-up to the 13th GE. However, it was a case of too little, too late. Which is why we are starting early, this time around. The Strategic Evaluation & Advancement Team (SEAT) has done its work and put in place its blueprint. Now we need […]

Dear Zahid

February 25, 2014


Heard the adage, “Hate the sin, not the sinner”? That’s how it is with me and UMNO. You say we in ABU instil hate for UMNO? ABU and I don’t hate UMNO. And ABU and I don’t hate you. We hate what you have done to our people. And we hate what you have done to our country. But we […]


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