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So who should the Indians now trust?

May 27, 2014


“Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak cheated the Indian community by not abiding with the memorandum of understanding he signed with Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) and he will therefore not be trusted again, PHM secretary P Ramesh said today. Ramesh then went on to describe MIC Youth chief P Punithan’s statement that the Indian voters will […]

Kajang by-election : The beginning of the end? The kiss of death? For whom?

February 20, 2014


Sources tell me that an important meeting involving key leaders of PKR, if not Pakatan, is to take place today. Agenda : whether to tell all as to the real reason, or reasons, that have us now bracing ourselves for a by-election in Kajang. Speculation is rife as to what has motivated this forthcoming by-election. […]

How long more?

September 17, 2013


(Reflections on the 50th Malaysia Day) by Jayanath Appudurai ______________________________ For how long more… Do we suffer these thieving fools? Masquerading as our elected ‘trustees’, Legitimised by a flawed electoral system, Stage-managed by a beholden bunch of spineless clowns! How long more ..? Do we accept these lying guardians of the electoral system, Pretending to […]

Musa Hassan and the Arab Spring

February 15, 2013


By Singa Terhormat ________________ Of late ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, has been busy issuing warnings about the possibility or likelihood of ‘Arab Spring’ occurring here and insisting that whichever side is defeated in the 13th  GE must accept the verdict and not protest the outcome. On 10th February, 2013 it was reported: “To a question, Musa […]

What we must expect

February 13, 2013


By Singa Terhormat __________________ In the run-up to the 13th GE, and in view of BN’s increasing desperation to hold on to power, there are various matters we ought to anticipate will likely occur and in the process not allow ourselves to be influenced or swayed by such happenings. Amongst these matters and going by […]

If tossing pig heads into suraus won’t do it, then distribute Bibles to Muslims?

January 24, 2013


August, 2009, they tried to agitate the Hindu community into reacting to a cow head protest in Shah Alam. Our  Hindu brothers and sisters did not fall for it. January, 2010, arson attacks on churches. Damn! Christians also not reacting like with like. So they decided to ‘do the dirty’ for the Christians. UMNO / […]

ABU comic : Lao Tze vs. Chua Soi Lek

January 10, 2013


The creative juices in the ABU Counter Propaganda Team have  been flowing. Remember the MCA spin to get the Chinese to fear voting for Pakatan by playing up the hudud and the Islamic state issue? Well, ABU has come out with a little comic as an antidote to those MCA lies. The PDF version, we […]

The house specialty tonight : Deepak’s Black Rose

January 4, 2013


I had it emailed to me earlier. Some of the contents seem to be at odds with what has been said earlier. Won’t spoil your fun so I shan’t say more and will leave you to discover these for yourselves. Deepak’s literary classic, in PDF, is linked below. the_black_rose_1_0

Ungodly UMNO handpicked by God?

December 1, 2012


By Singa Terhormat _____________________ As reported in Malaysiakini , UMNO YOUth’s Information Chief, Reezal Merican Naina Merican claimed that  “Umno is the party chosen by God to liberate the chosen land of Malaysia and to uplift the chosen race of the Malays,”. “Remember, we are mukhtarin, the chosen ones,” he told the Umno general assembly while debating […]

LIVE dari Singapura ‘Siaran Langsung Taklimat Scorpene Oleh Peguam Perancis’

November 27, 2012


Tarikh:  27 November 2012 (Selasa) Masa: 12.00 tghari Lokasi: KLSCAH (Dewan Himpunan Cina KL/Selangor) Pertanyaan: 010-2675872Telah yang dijangkakan, peguam dari Perancis akhirnya tidak diberi laluan untuk membuat taklimat mengenai isu Scorpene di Malaysia dan terpaksa memilih Hotel Changi Village, Singapura sebagai lokasi alternatif menyampaikan taklimat.   Seperti yang dijanjikan, SAMM menyediakan ruangan awam untuk siaran […]


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