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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable – John F. Kennedy

December 21, 2012


I want to share my thoughts on why I feel we should all be at the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat on 12th January. That will be in a forthcoming post. First, I would like to share this video that was put together. Nothing in it is original. Parts from various videos have been stitched together to […]

You believe this? Then believe it will snow in Kuala Lumpur on Christmas day!

December 5, 2012


Postal voting facilities for Malaysian citizens living abroad, apart from absentee voters, will be implemented for the 13th general election (GE). Election Commission (EC) secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria said this was in line with recommendations from the Special Election Committee on Improving the Election Process for Malaysians living abroad and absentee voters to be given […]

God’s chosen ones to deliver the Malays? What, to hell?

December 2, 2012


Even as we all looked in disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the claims by UMNO’s Reezal Merican that ”Umno is the party chosen by God to liberate the chosen land of Malaysia and to uplift the chosen race of the Malays”, be clear about this. You, who are reading this now, and I, are […]


November 4, 2012


Whilst 80% of the nation increasingly find it difficult, if not near impossible, to make ends meet, Najib and his merry men and women in UMNO / BN, and their privileged cronies live  obscenely opulent lives, showing no shame as scandal upon scandal is exposed. Scorpene. PKFZ. Cows in condos. The list goes on and […]

With you on this, bro

July 4, 2012


“As I said, our fight is not just about ABU. It must be about getting rid of the Umno culture, which is prevalent in the opposition as well. We accuse the government of all sorts of sins and transgressions. But the opposition does exactly what they accuse the government of doing. And in this ‘debate […]

ABU’s message to the people of Sabah : Kuburkan UMNO / BN, kembalikan Sabah, Sarawak dan Malaya balik kepada rakyat

July 4, 2012


Treason? No! T’reason why she has stepped forward to lead BERSIH is to selflessly serve the people

June 27, 2012


I had a chat over coffee with Ambiga last week. In the course of our conversation, I asked her if, during the Walk for Justice in September 2007 where about 3,000 others and I joined her in Putrajaya to walk from the Palace of Justice to the PM’s department to demand a Royal Commission of […]

Have we learnt nothing from the Bota fiasco?

June 26, 2012


Haven’t a clue of what I mean by the Bota fiasco? Does the name Nasarudin Hashim ring a bell? No? How soon we forget! On 25th January, 2009, the Malaysianinsider reported that Nasarudin Hashim, the UMNO state assemblyman for Bota, Perak, had announced his decision to quit UMNO with immediate effect and cross over to […]

Please, lah, PAS, can we ABUkan Labuan? Can I start my work now?

June 23, 2012


Arrived in Labuan this morning to be greeted by this report in the Daily Express. In my “Please PAS & PKR, can we ABUkan Labuan?” post earlier this March, I had written : “I’m told by the locals, including some of the Muslims, that the lifestyle of the majority in Labuan simply does not favour […]

‘Occupy Balok-Gebeng 24 Jam’ pada 23-24 Jun, 2012

June 16, 2012


ABU menegaskan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia bahawa pemerintahan Perdana Menteri Umno/BN yang pekak badak dan bodoh sombong di bawah telunjuk de-facto PM Tun Dr Mahathir ini pasti akan terus berdegil untuk meneruskan projek berbahaya ini demi keuntungan kapitalis dan kepentingan pemodal asing Oleh itu, ABU menyeru supaya seluruh rakyat Malaysia bersatu hati melakukan Asalkan Bukan […]


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