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Malaysian media – watchdog or running dog?

November 18, 2013


“For the most part…Within the newspapers and television news broadcasts monitored, in both Semenanjung and Bornean Malaysia, in English and Bahasa Malaysia, there was consistent bias in favour of BN and against PR” –  Tessa Houghton. Read the rest of the analysis HERE.

Buying out the free media in cyberspace?

November 18, 2013


By Hummingbird The allocation of RM6.85 billion for the Prime Minister’s Department under the 2014 Budget is highly questionable. The most mysterious of the five items listed in the allocation is something referred to as ‘Dana Fasilitasi’ or Facilitation Fund. The amount allocated to ‘Dana Fasilitasi’ is RM4 billion. According to an extremely reliable source, […]

Hindraf warns parties out to create confusion

February 2, 2013


Media statement dated 31st January, 2013 __________________________ I refer to the recent lift on the ban of Hindraf by the Government vide a letter dated 25th January 2013. Since the lift of the ban, we found certain irresponsible parties have taken advantage on the situation and have issued statements that run contrary to the principles […]

Gerakan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma (GMPP) Membidas Keputusan Mahkamah Yang Menghukum Sdr Umar Mohd Azmi secara Berat Sebelah

December 21, 2012


Kenyataan akhbar – 21/12/2012 _________________________ Mahkamah Majistret yang menghukum Sdr Umar Mohd Azmi dengan sebulan penjara dan denda RM 1000 kerana dikatakan kononnya menghalang kerja-kerja pegawai DBKL mem’BERSIH’kan Occupy Dataran pada bulan April yang lalu. Kami, GMPP membidas keputusan berat sebelah pihak mahkamah yang hanya melihat tindakan Sdr Umar yang cuba menghalang tindakan intimidasi pihak […]

Insiden Sg Petani: Sebuah Propaganda Gagal

December 19, 2012


Kenyataan Terbuka 19hb Disember 2012 daripada Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia ___________________ Sungai Petani dikejutkan dengan berita kononnya berlaku pergaduhan antara kaum cuba diambil kesempatan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab dengan menyebarkan khabar angin pergaduhan besar berlaku di beberapa kawasan. Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) telah membuat pemerhatian penuh melalui aktivis SAMM yang menetap di Sungai […]

Presentation of Memo at Bkt Aman to Protest Selvach Detention

October 30, 2010


Another joins the PKR Deputy President race

September 17, 2010


Former PKR Deputy Sec-Gen Jenapala a/l Perumal Subaan announced today that he would be contesting for the position of PKR Deputy President in the forthcoming party elections. In his press statement released today, which I reproduce below, he advances 4 reasons for contesting. _______________________________________ Some time back, I made the decision to resign from the […]

Live from the Teoh Beng Hock inquest

August 18, 2010


10.10am I walked in when proceedings were already underway. Imtiaz is examining Dr Pornthip. I just managed to catch Dr Pornthip state her view that the marks on the neck of Beng Hock were from a pre-fall injury. She, however, did not think that the marks might have been caused by manual strangulation. She was […]

Death in custody No.1805 inquest : Today’s proceedings

August 12, 2010


Counsels were supposed to submit this morning on what was the probable cause or causes of death, based on the evidence led in court. Instead, they all ended up in the coroner’s chambers. Visva wanted witnesses called previously to be re-called for further cross-examniation. He also wanted a witness not previously called to the stand […]

The last day of the inquest into the death of Guna

July 14, 2010


Guna’s inquest has stood out from the many others for one reason. In most death in custody inquests that we hear of, the usual witnesses to testify would be the police officers in attendance at the place of detention who  will give evidence of the circumstances leading up to death, a pathologist who will share […]


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