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The king can do no wrong? Understanding why we still have the law of sedition

February 21, 2014


While having dinner, a reader came up and asked me to explain why Karpal was convicted and what the sedition law is about. Lim, hope this video clip is helpful.

Ok, ok, so what is the second biggest obstacle to our taking Putrajaya and bringing HAPPINESS to the rakyat?

February 21, 2014


Two my “What is the biggest obstacle…” post yesterday, there were, at the time of writing up this post, 21 responses here and another 41 responses on Facebook, where the same posting was uploaded onto my FB page. Thank you, all. A great many of you said the biggest obstacle is us, ourselves, you and I, the […]

What is the biggest obstacle to the rakyat achieving unity, peace, justice and equality and kicking UMNO / BN out of Putrajaya?

February 20, 2014


In my view, no, it is not UMNO / BN. No, its not Mahathir. Who, then? I’ll share my thoughts in my next post. Now, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this poser.

Anak bangsa Malaysia are doing it for themselves

February 10, 2014


I had intended to go lodge my police report after lunch  yesterday against those ugly fellas and then head off to a briefing that I was to do for some ABU eagles. I got a phone call to say that if I would defer lodging my report until after the briefing, some of the  eagles […]

So, you want a template police report?

February 9, 2014


I was intending to lodge my police report early yesterday morning, but personal circumstances did not permit it. I will be doing so after lunch today at the Brickfields police station. A couple of beautiful Malaysians here and on Facebook have suggested that a template police report might be handy for those who wish to […]

Reaching out to our street friends

February 8, 2014


Just got home a little while ago from a night out in KL with my family. We joined a group called Reachout  ( check them out on Facebook ) who are out on the streets in KL every night to bring food, friendship and hope to our friends who, for a variety of circumstances, are forced […]

The ugly Malaysian

February 7, 2014


In September, 2009, Marina Mahathir wrote of “The Ugly Malay”. She was referring to those who were involved in the ‘cow head protest’ and the shouting down of a state-sponsored dialogue in relation to the controversy of the relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam. Since that posting, the ugly Malays have reared their […]

Mosquito bite, or bee sting, on an elephant’s ass?

February 6, 2014


We all have our thoughts on why the “Allah issue” is being played to the hilt, and on why the raid and confiscation of the copies of the Holy Bible  was carried out by JAIS. Efforts by Marina Mahathir and friends to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity with Christians went down well with […]

Seditious? To love your country?

February 5, 2014


I was in the KL Sessions Court this morning for  the mention in relation to the pending sedition charge against Adam, Tamrin, Hisham, Safwan, Tian Chua and myself. What’s the status? Prosecution had applied last year to have all of us tried together. The application was opposed. The Sessions Court dismissed the prosecution’s application. Prosecution’s […]

In solidarity with the family of Gunasegaran, death in custody No. 1805

December 18, 2013


Under the Bodhi Tree ____________________ The decision in the civil suit brought by the sister of the late Gunasegaran a/l Rajasundram is to be announced on the 19.12.2013. Madam Ganga Gouri a/p Rajasundram had initiated this suit against the police and the Government of Malaysia for the wrongful death of Gunasegaran on the evening of […]


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