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The ugly Malaysian

February 7, 2014


In September, 2009, Marina Mahathir wrote of “The Ugly Malay”. She was referring to those who were involved in the ‘cow head protest’ and the shouting down of a state-sponsored dialogue in relation to the controversy of the relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam. Since that posting, the ugly Malays have reared their […]

Tunggu pilihanraya atau turun jalanraya?

November 27, 2013


So you want to HARTAL, eh? Can we start with the lying newspapers?

May 31, 2013


Yes, Mahathir, ex-judge Mohd Noor, Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin are at their most evil when they spew their racist speeches, hoping to sow discord and hate between the people. It is the mainstream media, though, that take those messages of hate into the most remote of homes, where there is little likelihood of access to any form of […]

1 million Malaysians to rally to demand the resignation or sacking of the EC and to demand fresh elections

May 14, 2013


At the historic Hari Bangsa Malaysia : Selamatkan Demokrasi gathering at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night, several NGOs issued the following statement : On 10th May, 2013, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), supported by Solidariti Anak Muda Mahasiswa Malaysia (SAMMM)  and several  other NGOs, submitted a memorandum to the Elections Commission (EC)to […]

ABU N34 Bukit Gasing debate taken off the calendar

April 25, 2013


I’ve just had confirmed that the Glad Tidings Church and St. Francis Xavier Church are both organising debates / forums where all 4 ADUN candidates and the 3 MP candidates would  be on hand to interact with voters. I understand that the one at Glad Tidings will be on Sunday, 28th April, whilst SFX will […]

N34 Bukit Gasing candidate debate update : Rajiv has declined

April 23, 2013


I met Rajiv of the DAP, his wife and Edward Ling, of his campaign team, if not the team manager. We discussed the proposed debate. And Rajiv promised to revert to me today if he would participate. Edward sms’d me earlier this afternoon to apologise that Rajiv would be unable to participate in the debate […]

Working out, where possible, who to vote for in those bloody multi-cornered contests : N34 Bukit Gasing

April 21, 2013


It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Especially in Sabah, where Pakatan component parties are, with the exception of Sandakan, Kalabakan and Semporna, set to cross swords with local opposition parties, SAPP and STAR, together with BN. Remember the last by-election fiasco in Batu Sapi? Are we going to see a repeat in the 22 other parliamentary seats in […]


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