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So, you want a template police report?

February 9, 2014


I was intending to lodge my police report early yesterday morning, but personal circumstances did not permit it. I will be doing so after lunch today at the Brickfields police station. A couple of beautiful Malaysians here and on Facebook have suggested that a template police report might be handy for those who wish to […]

The ugly Malaysian

February 7, 2014


In September, 2009, Marina Mahathir wrote of “The Ugly Malay”. She was referring to those who were involved in the ‘cow head protest’ and the shouting down of a state-sponsored dialogue in relation to the controversy of the relocation of a Hindu temple in Shah Alam. Since that posting, the ugly Malays have reared their […]

In solidarity with the family of Gunasegaran, death in custody No. 1805

December 18, 2013


Under the Bodhi Tree ____________________ The decision in the civil suit brought by the sister of the late Gunasegaran a/l Rajasundram is to be announced on the 19.12.2013. Madam Ganga Gouri a/p Rajasundram had initiated this suit against the police and the Government of Malaysia for the wrongful death of Gunasegaran on the evening of […]

Tunggu pilihanraya atau turun jalanraya?

November 27, 2013


How long more?

September 17, 2013


(Reflections on the 50th Malaysia Day) by Jayanath Appudurai ______________________________ For how long more… Do we suffer these thieving fools? Masquerading as our elected ‘trustees’, Legitimised by a flawed electoral system, Stage-managed by a beholden bunch of spineless clowns! How long more ..? Do we accept these lying guardians of the electoral system, Pretending to […]

Who will rise to free our nations in distress?

September 16, 2013


 Good people of Sabah and Sarawak, what was promised to your forefathers 50 years ago, so that they were enticed to bring you, your lands, and your hopes into this alliance called MALAYSIA? And what has been delivered to you these last 50 years, if not lies and the pillage of your wealth, the denial of your sovereignty […]

Whither the “Rukun” of the “Negara”?

September 8, 2013


By Jayanath Appudurai _________________________ We are far from realizing the vision set forth in this historic document proclaimed by Parliament on the 31st August 1970. OUR NATION, MALAYSIA, being dedicated:- To achieving a greater unity of all her peoples; To maintaining a democratic way of life; To creating a just society in which the wealth […]

Vigil at Jinjang lock up in solidarity with 32 activists arrested at Parliament

June 24, 2013


Time : 8pm Venue : Vicinity of the Jinjang Police station / lock up. Please bring candles and, given the worsening haze in the city, face masks. Note : This is a peaceful vigil in solidarity with our friends detained earlier today

So you want to HARTAL, eh? Can we start with the lying newspapers?

May 31, 2013


Yes, Mahathir, ex-judge Mohd Noor, Ibrahim Ali and Zul Noordin are at their most evil when they spew their racist speeches, hoping to sow discord and hate between the people. It is the mainstream media, though, that take those messages of hate into the most remote of homes, where there is little likelihood of access to any form of […]

Thank you, all, again

May 29, 2013


It is 2.57am, Wednesday, 29th May, now. I was arrested about 7pm yesterday outside the ABU office. I am at home now, after Tamrin, Safwan and I were released on police bail from the Dang Wangi police station about 11.30pm, having first had our statements taken. When we left, Tian Chua was still there, and had […]


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