Bangsa Malaysia : Cyber Dream?

Posted on May 14, 2007



Alliedmaster said :

“Bangsa Malaysia shall for now remain in the realms of the cyber world. For as long as we have Malays who feel and enforce this biased policy, then I fear Bangsa Malaysia will remain a dream”.

Alliedmaster then advocated that those who want a Malaysia that is fair to all its sons and daughters must vote for change.

I want to address 2 things. First the dream. 

If Bangsa Malaysia for you (no Alliedmaster, this ‘you’ does not mean ‘you’)  is still a dream, something that only exists in cyber space, I want you to know that for me it is real. 

Why is it real for me and just a vision for you?

For me, Bangsa Malaysia is not conditional upon someone in authority declaring that henceforth, there shall no longer be bumiputras and non-bumiputras, no more racist divisions between the people. 

Bangsa Malaysia is real for me because I feel it and I live it.

Eagle referred to Prof Khoo’s explanation about why there might be no such thing as a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. He is referring to a label, not a ‘feel’

No-one can take this away from me. No Malay in authority, no Kasturis, no M Sahajas and no Ashfaruddins.

Vote for change.

Yes, but before the vote for change, we must ourselves first change.

Until ‘sons and daughters of Malaysia’ can truly mean each is a brother and sister one to the other who look out for each other at all times and not only when it is ‘safe’, those who continue to dominate us by the ‘divide and rule’, ‘Malays must have political power cos the Chinese hold the economy’ and ‘don’t you dare question our rights’ rethoric will continue to rule the day.

Until you are unable to sleep because there are brothers and sisters languishing as ISA detainees, poor and the impoverished, religiously persecuted, know then that your own desire for Bangsa Malaysia is only skin deep. 

Until you are prepared to purge the racist and the apathy in you, Bangsa Malaysia will always remain a dream for you.

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