Oh, Justice, where are you-hoo?

Posted on May 30, 2007


You’re looking for justice and your friend said you need a good lawyer?


You need a map to the Palace.

Don’t have one?

Never mind, one will be provided for you. And if you still get lost, maybe you do not deserve to find justice.


Now as you make your way through the pride of this nation, you might get confused by all the grand buildings. Don’t worry. Look out for this signage.


You’re there? Isn’t she awesome?


Wait until you see the inside! You will freak out. Nothing but the best. Rumour has it that the accoustics in the karaoke lounge is second to none. Yes, nothing but the best for our judges.

inside-palace-of-justice.jpg           inside-palace-of-justice-2.jpg

Justice? No, no, you won’t find justice here. Sorry, yes, you did say you were seeking justice. I always get distracted by all this finery.

Yes, you will find justice in the


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