Citizen Think Tank

Posted on June 18, 2007



The People’s Parliament fully supports the


This is a very important initiative started by Sean Ang that is due to be launched very soon. For more information, please visit the Citizen Think Tank.

The Citizen Think Tank is intended to serve as a database of our parliamentary and state representatives. It has the potential to go a long way towards empowering the citizenry with the necessary information to make a ‘knowledge-based’ vote at election time. 

This initiative needs volunteers to give some of their time to assist in building up and updating the database. This is an opportunity for the many who have written in with positive comments about the efforts through this blog to make their contribution to the improved management of our country.

The Citizen Think Tank presently needs at least 100 volunteers to serve as editors. Please visit the site and if you are willing to give some time to this effort, please contact Sean directly at