Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Update

Posted on August 1, 2007



Your organising team have been doing initial planning with discussions through an e-group created specifically for this initiative.

This team will meet on Friday, 3rd August, 2007 in KL to finalise the details.

I have already noted some of the suggestions that have come in by way of comments and I wll put these before the organising team for them to consider.

This is your event and your celebration.

Therefore, I want to offer you a say in the programme for that evening. 

However, instead of sending in your suggestions as a comment, could I ask you to please send them in by e-mail to This will make it easier for me to collate and put before the organising team.

I hope you will also understand if any suggestions are not taken up. The organising team is working on very short notice and may not be able to take all ideas on board. What I will assure you is that all suggestions will be considered.

I hope to be able to put up a full notice of the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka get-together by Monday, 6th August, 2007.

Your organising team awaits your ideas.  

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