A Call To National Service

Posted on August 16, 2007



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“Malaysia Negaraku ku. ‘Ku ku’ can also mean ‘cuckoo’ so it was insulting.” – Nazri Aziz, Minister in the PM’s Department.

If you must read the rest of what this man had to say about a young Malaysian expressing his discontent about the state of things in the country, please go to Malaysiakini.

 I have read the translation of the lyrics at cherwith.

Granted, it may have been in poor taste, but that must remain a matter of opinion.

But an insult to the nation? Offence against the nation? Charged under the Sedition Act because he had insulted the symbol of the nation?

Really, if you’re going to prosecute this young man, could you first put the two bocor MPs and the other bodoh!bodoh!bodoh! one in a boat and ship them out to the Bermuda Triangle Iceland!

Frankly, Nazri’s tirades have become increasingly tiresome.

Calling all Malaysians who love this country.

Could 10,000 of you re-locate to Padang Rengas, register to vote there and then do the necessary to spare us having to endure this man another term in Parliament after the next elections?