Project Irrelevant

Posted on August 29, 2007



At the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka forum and get-together, participants were asked to register by filling up a form.

That was the launch of Project Irrelevant.

Let me explain.

It seems these days that for everything that we need, a form has to be filled up.

Whether you are buying a house, opening a bank account, applying for a phoneline, trying to land a job….

The list is endless.

Invariably, in addition to the ‘name’, ‘IC number’ and ‘address’, you’ll also be asked to state your




I honestly cannot see why any of these last three mentioned details would be of any relevance if one was applying for a phoneline or a bank account.

Worse, the last two have the effect of dividing and ‘communalising’ us.

In the registration form for the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka, we included ‘SEX’ and ‘RELIGION and then urged the participants to respond to these with ‘IRRELEVANT’ if they thought that it was indeed irrelevant.

As for ‘RACE’, participants were urged to respond with ‘BANGSA MALAYSIA’.

If you are one of those who has written with comments to this blog supportive of the many initiatives to one day see this as a nation of one people, I ask you to now support this initiative.

Please walk your talk.

If you proclaim yourself as anak Bangsa Malaysia in cyberspace, have the courage and conviction to do the same on paper.




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