Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia Minta Maaf Kepada Kalapita dan Warga Indonesia

Posted on August 30, 2007



Fact : Indonesian karate referee Donald Luther Kalapita was a guest in Malaysia to attend the 8th Asian Karate Championship.

Fact : Kalapita suffered serious injuries whilst in Malaysia

Allegation : Kalapita says he was beaten up and kicked in a police car while he was handcuffed

Fact : Doctors at Pertamina Hospital confirm that Kalapita`s condition was now stable and his eye-sight and hearing had began to function normally after suffering the trauma of hard blows

Fact : Malaysian authorities have not issued any statement expressing regret for the incident and have not apologised to Kalapita or the Indonesian people or government.

Point of view :Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – “…the readiness to apologise (for a wrong one has done) is really part of one’s personality”

Fact : Bocor MPs and senior ministers had great difficulty apologising to our womenfolk for crass, insensitive remarks about the menstrual cycle

Fact : Malaysian government often unable to see the wrong done to its own citizenry

Fears : We may never really know the truth about what happened to Kalapita

Fears : Malaysian government may be made up of personalities who are unable to readily apologise for a wrong done.

Wherefore, on behalf of all decent, upstanding anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia who are not so proud as to be unable to say sorry for a wrong done, the People’s Parliament unreservedly and in all humility apologise to Kalapita and the citizens of Indonesia

1. for the hurt inflicted on Kalapita

2.  if the truth of what happened to Kalapita never sees the light of day.

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