Another letter to MCCBCHST

Posted on September 17, 2007



This time Gan wrote to MCCBCHST. The letter is reproduced with consent.


Dear  Messers  Harcharan Singh, Goh Keat Peng and rest of Council members,

With ref to Anita Jay’s letter to both of you which was published with her consent by Haris Ibrahim at

I, as a concerned Anak Bangsa Malaysia also shares her views and concern and am very interested to know too the stand and action to be adopted and taken by the MCCBCHST?

By token of your positions in the MCCBCHST and as stated representatives of the religions which the MCCBCHST profess to represent – I wish to remind you that you are  duty bound and responsible to ensure that the santity of the Federal Constitution is upheld and preserved at all times, in all areas and for all Malaysians.

We, Anak Anak Bangsa Malaysia will pray that God will guide and bless the MCCBCHST Council  members with the wisdom to “Be visible, be accountable, be effective” and do what is right by the people of Malaysia.

God Bless.



Anak Bangsa Malaysia


Thank you, Gan.

If any of you wish to write to the MCCBCHST to get them to do the right thing, send your ‘Will you defend our secular constitution? If so, how? When?’ letter to .

If you copy your letter to me with your consent, I will post it in this blog.