Good people of Ipoh Timur, rise and defend your electoral process

Posted on October 15, 2007



Number of signatures to the petition as at noon today : 3,241

Target : 5,000.

Have you read the petition to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agung to ask for the establishment of a Royal Commission to look into and stop the rot in the judiciary and to return the judiciary to the rakyat?

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The actual petition, complete with the language of protocol, can be viewed HERE.

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People of Ipoh Timor, did you know that between April 1st and 30th June this year, voters in your constituency increased by 8,463?

Read about this increase in Malaysiakini.

According to the report, the 8,463 voters are made up by the following :

1. 2,231 voters in the Pengkalan Pegoh polling station in the Sungai Rapat state constituency (Gopeng parliamentary constituency) were transferred to the neigbouring Pasir Pinji state constituency (Ipoh Timur parliamentary constituency)

2. 3,024 new registered voters or those transferred to Ipoh Timur from other areas

3. 3,208 new postal voters for the Ipoh Timur area.

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, the Election Commission chairman, explained that the transfer of 2,231 voters was to rectify an earlier oversight and that the EC is legally empowered to do so.

People of Ipoh Timur, do you buy this?

Lim Guan Eng has asked how there could be such an increase in postal voters given that there are no new army camps or new police stations in the Ipoh Timur area.

This is a most reasonable question and merits the fullest explanation by the EC.

Not to DAP only, but first to the people of Ipoh Timur.

DAP is of course concerned.

The seat presently held by Yang Berkhidmat Lim Kit Siang is in jeopardy. He won it last with a majority of 9,774. 

If the 8,463 ‘new voters’ are in fact phantom voters, YB Lim’s majority will have been severely reduced. It will not take very much more to see him out of Parliament next time round.

Is this DAP’s problem only?

What about you, O people of Ipoh Timur?

Sit back and do nothing as your electoral process gets rigged?

Or do you want to take responsibility for what happens in your constituency?

Are you prepared to question the EC on this increase? Challenge it?

If you’re not, you deserve the government you presently suffer under.

If you are, lets get together and see how we can collectively defend the electoral process in Ipoh Timur.

Good people of Ipoh Timur, rise and defend your electoral process.

Be the first in the country to show the corrupt leadership that we will not allow any further manipulation of our constitutionally guaranteed right and power to determine who represents us in Parliament.

If you’re a registered voter in Ipoh Timur and are not prepared to take all this lying down, send an e-mail to

Together, let’s take our country back.