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Posted on October 19, 2007



This morning I received a comment from Mr. Lawrence Ding, Senior General Manager of Pizza Hut Restaurants Malaysia Berhad to the ‘How low can the racists go? Say no to Pizza Hut’ post.

As he had left his contact number, I called him and we had a chat.

He explained to me about the matter of the copies of the bills that were displayed in the post under comment. I offered to put his explanation up as a post if he would send it to me in writing.

He has.

It appears below.


 As discussed earlier, please allow me to give you a little background to the history of Pizza Hut Malaysia and how we arrived to this point of frenzied allegation in very race sensitive Malaysia. 

KFC Holdings Berhad bought over Pizza Hut from Cerebos in Dec 1995.  It was then a Quick Service Restaurants concept serving buffets and quick meals.  It was operated as a fastfood chain concept then. 

Over the years to remain relevant to our customers, Pizza Hut continued our journey of innovation to be a Casual Dining Restaurants Concept. 

We have invested significantly since then, to change our image from a Fast Food Chain Concept to a Enhanced Dining Restaurant Chain Concept. 

About 2 years ago, we began to roll out the new Pizza Hut restaurant image.   The assets, image, etc were elevated.  We also made significant changes to the Dine-In menu.  It is a very significant change to our business strategy. 

To make our investment viable in the long term, we conducted some research on all the Customers Touch Points namely, the Restaurant Assets, the Menu, the Uniform etc.   

Thus for about 3 months, we had our docket capture our customers’ group size and race.  This was done purely to see who or which segment of the population respond positively or negatively to our menu items.   It is also very important for our New Product Development Team to develop menu items that will appeal to our customers. 

We have had enough learnings from research and the exercise have stopped long ago. 

I really hope, En Harris, that you will help promote the truth and publish this truth on your web, so that this lies will stop circulating….one day.    

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Cheers and God Bless. 

Lawrence Ding

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