Pizza Hut responds yet again

Posted on October 28, 2007



If you’re looking for the petition to His Majesty in relation to the judiciary, you will find it together with instructions on how to sign up in support on the right under Pages.


Lawrence Ding of Pizza Hut wrote to me on 22/10/2007 with a follow-up explanation.

I informed him that as I was focussed on the petition and did not want to distract attention in this blog from the same by any other issue, I would only put up his explanation as a post later.

He has very kindly waited.

His follow-up explanation appears below.


To All My Friends, Truth Seekers and Pizza Hut Supporters, 

Thanks for all the responses on the above subject matter.  

There are TWO issues raised in the blog and I will try to answer each one: 

Allegation no 1:  Pizza Hut Practices Discrimination in Service Charge dependant on race. 

I categorically deny this allegation as it is NOT true and the allegation was a Hoax. 

To put this allegation to rest, I personally would invite you to visit ANY Pizza Hut restaurants nearest to you and make a purchase to see if the above allegation is true.  

Pizza Hut Malaysia is a Public Listed company and we are bound by law to collect the 5% sales taxes and we also have a 10% service charge on Table Service as all dining establishments do.    

Should you decide to order a Take Away, there is no service charge for Take Away order. 

As a good corporate citizen, we will never ever deviate from the law of our land.    

Allegation no 2:  Pizza Hut Practices race profiling.  

Again this allegation is Not True.  We categorically deny it. We do not profile customers by race.  

The only concession as stated in my earlier posting, was when we conduct a quick In-House research for internal use in 2006.  Information on group size, ethnic mix was noted during the transitionary period of our Brand Strategy moving from a QSR Concept to an Enhanced Dine-In Concept, to see how our different concepts resonate with the different population segment.    

We are in a multi ethnic, multicultural society.  To obtain a fair representation of the market, a research must take into consideration the sampling of these multi ethnic, multi cultural factors.  Otherwise, the research is considered biased. Talk to any research based person and you will understand.  

Let me assure you that there is NO other intention other than the one stated above when we collected the data for a short 3 months period.   That is why I say I categorically deny the allegation. We do not profile our customers.  

Please visit Pizza Hut Restaurants nearest to you and you can check it out yourself. 

Possible Background To the Hoax Mail.

I truly believe the originator of the hoax mail (let us call him Mr H) made a mistake by comparing his bill (most likely a Dine-In customer because it has a 10% service charge) versus another bill of someone (who happened to be a Malay  who purchased a Take Away and his bill does not have the 10% service charge).  So he (Mr H) felt he has been discriminated against to pay the extra 10% service charge compared to the Malay customer who actually ordered a Take Away (no service charge for Take Away). 

Mr H ignorantly put the two together jumped into conclusion and cried foul.   He then decides to let the whole internet world know about his case agony. 

This whole episode that has now taken an unpleasant racial slant because people believed him with the picture of the dockets. 

If the originator of the hoax mail or anyone who cared enough to propagate the viral mail, have just taken the little trouble to contact us or verify the suspicion, it would have saved the frustration and misperception of all of us.    

I am the Senior General Manager of Pizza Hut Malaysia and I am assuring  all of you and your friends and all the Truth Seekers out there,  that both the allegations above are NOT TRUE and we categorically deny it.  

We are also a franchised company from Yum! Restaurants International, another Public Listed company in the US.  We are a good corporate citizen, law abiding and honest company.    We will NOT violate the law of the land nor unnecessarily create any tension that will jeopardize our very own business.  

Please visit any Pizza Hut Restaurant nearest you and find out for yourselves if what I tell you is true. 

Your help to just circulate this to your friends will be  greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your attention. 

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