Situation Vacant : Jerai (2)

Posted on October 28, 2007



If you’re looking for the petition to His Majesty in relation to the judiciary, you will find it together with instructions on how to sign up in support on the right under Pages.


This poster was lifted from Bodohland. Says it all.


Also read Zorro Unmasked’s take on this garbage.

This man can and must be taken out of Parliament.

Our Parliament.

In the ‘Situation Vacant : Jerai’ post, I provided details of the election results for Jerai for 2004.

This garbage took about 60% of the votes polled. The PAS candidate took about 40%.

There were about 37,000 Malay voters and 13,000 non-Malay voters polled.

The PAS candidate received 19,000++ votes.

Assuming the non-Malays did not vote PAS, this would mean the Malay votes were split somewhat evenly, tipping slightly in favour of the PAS candidate.

This would also mean that this garbage is in Parliament because of the non-Malay vote.

This racist bigot was given a seat in Parliament by the very people he looks down upon!

Leaflet the town about this clown’s racist inclinations.

Distribute vcd in Jerai depicting his rowdy behaviour in Parliament.

Forums in Jerai to tell the locals about the rubbish that presently represents them.

Come on, people, start the clean up of your constitutional institutions.

And it must start now!

Send an e-mail to if you want to work on this initiative.