Bangsa Malaysia goes to Penang

Posted on November 5, 2007



Zorro and I had difficulty locating Bilik Tanjung 1 at the Dewan Sri Pinang when we got there at about 3pm.

This was Petra’s solution so guests wouldn’t have the same problem.


Started at sharp 5pm with about 100 participants and 4 distinguished speakers.


Dato Seri Lim Chong Keat      


P. Ramakrishnan                                                                                                   


Khoo Kay Peng


Malik Imtiaz Sarwar                                                                                                                            

Four major points were distilled from the presentation of the speakers as imperatives if the concept of Bangsa Malaysia or one people, one nation is to become a reality :

  • No more race-based political parties  
  • No more incompetence in Parliament
  • Civil society taking ownership of governance of the nation
  • No more racial delineation

Audience participation time.

ad1.jpg                 ad2.jpg


ad7.jpg                 ad8.jpg



This very participatory audience fully endorsed those 4 points as resolutions without any opposition.  

This audience also endorsed a suggestion by Dato Seri Lim that the PM be invited to a dialogue with the people of Penang. I have been mandated to send out this letter.

Pak Lah, this letter is coming to you soon. The registered voters in your home state have quite a few things to say to you.

Then it was one floor below for the sharing of a simple meal, the viewing of Fahmi Reza’s ‘Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka’ and an opportunity to interact with the man himself.

dinner.jpg  dinner-1.jpg

We wrapped up the event a little after 10pm, but not before the remaining participants agreed unanimously that an e-group be set up to include all participants so that discussions might continue with a view to working out strategies to pursue the four resolutions adopted earlier and to work towards realising a nation of one people.

SK Thew is the man who’s going to get this off the ground and running.

Tired, but extremely satisfied, the team and some of the audience headed out to the beachfront for a little bit of Penang R & R.

rr1.jpg    rr2.jpg           

Thank you, speakers, thank you Fahmi and thank you to a great Penang audience.

Thank you Lucia, Helen and Cheryl. Could not have pulled this off without you Supergirls.

And a big thank you to that kind participant who opened her home to 4 very tired but happy people.

You are a gem! Don’t let the pains in the ….. get to you.

One People, One Nation will happen if we make it happen.

We must not just talk it, we must walk it.

I am walking it.

Will you?


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