Why I will walk tomorrow

Posted on November 9, 2007



I am a citizen of this country.

I have rights equal to the next citizen.

Those rights include the right to vote.

One man, one vote.

That was how it was intended.

For a long time now, much has gone wrong in this country.

And I want change.

I want the judiciary cleaned up, manned by citizens who will honour their oath of office.

I want Parliament rid of rudeness and incompetence.

I want an executive that is free of corruption and devoid of arrogance.

I want that the rakyat take back ownership of the governance of this country.

From self-serving politicians.

Yes, I want change.

Nazri says if I want change, vote for change.

Take the change that I want to the ballot box.

Yet, our electoral process has been so badly messed up.

So that those in power can perpetuate their hold on that power.

That includes Nazri.

And Nazri well knows this.

In 2004, I voted with 49,699 others in PJ Selatan to choose 1 representative.

In the same year in Putrajaya, 4,662 voters elected their representative.

My vote is less equal to that of the voters of Putrajaya and so many other constituencies. 

Nazri knows this, too.

The Election Commission has long ceased to be an independent constitutional institution.

Calls to the government and the Election Commission to effect electoral reforms have fallen on deaf ears.

It does not serve their interests to effect the reforms sought.

The government and the Election Commission will not do anything to restore the equality of my vote with that of other voters.

They will not start to undo the damage inflicted to the electoral process over the years.

Therefore, I must.

Because this is my country and if I will not defend it and the people that I love, then who will?

That is why I will walk tomorrow.

To take my plea for reforms to the rakyat’s constitutional partner in governance : the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Mine shall be a walk of peace.

I shall not retaliate against any aggression that may come my way.

No sloganeering, no battle cries.

None needed.

I shall walk in silence.

A walk of silence by so great a number that shall send forth a thunderous call for reform.

And by God’s Will, may this be the start of our healing as a nation of a single people.