10 – Eleven : We, the people, shall be heard and we shall prevail

Posted on November 11, 2007



Bet you all didn’t know that there were 2 rallies in KL yesterday.

Well, neither did I.

In fact, I think BERSIH were not aware of this either.

No-one was.

Apparently, there was one that was effectively put down by the police and another that slipped throught the security net and made its way to His Majesty’s palace.

I guess the mainstream media got a scoop on this story to the exclusion of all others. Even the foreign media didn’t get a whiff of this.

You can get the report on the failed rally in the “RM1.50 value for your money ” Sunday Star which has it that police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd which numbered at about 4,000. Shame that there are no photos depicting this successful police operation.

This blog, and the the numerous that are linked below will give you a ‘value for no money’ report on the rally that succesfully reached His Majesty’s palace.


Word was out that roads into KL were being closed or traffic coming in being subjected to police checks. Rumoured that train services into KL might be closed.

So Tony and I got in by 11am, dumped Tony’s car in Brickfields and joined Gan and Benny on the walk to Central Market.


Hung around in KFC outside CM waiting for others. Continued to relay information about road closures to the centre set up to disseminate the info.

At about 2pm, this was the scene viewed from the Bar Council


and the road leading into Dataran Merdeka


By 2.30pm, Central Market starts to see a build-up of the gelombang kuning.



Hardly a few minutes off the starting block, the marchers from Central Market, numbering well over a 1,000, found themselves caught between a barricade of FRU at the front and the rear just as we reached Bank Pertanian.

Quick thinking by the Amal marshals saw them lead about half of this number through the narrow lanes between Bank Pertanian and the other buildings out onto the main road fronting the old Federal House.




The march was on.




We marched without knowing how many had already gone ahead before us, how many more were coming behind, or whether we would soon be greeted by any more security personnel at the turn of the next corner.

Certainly, I was not prepared for what I was soon to witness.





The umbrellas in the middle of the picture below shielded the delegation from the rain as it made its way through the crowd towards the palace gates to deliver the rakyat’s memorandum to His Majesty calling for the necessary reforms to ensure that the next elections are fair.


Soon after the memorandum was handed in, the call was made to disperse and, peacefully as the gelombang kuning  had arrived, so too it retreated. It was only then that I got a sense of the sheer numbers that had made their way to the palace.



I put the number at between 40,000 and 50,000. Tony reckons it was more. Much, much, more.

If the pictures here give you the impression that it was a stroll for everyone who came out to be a part of this momentous civil society initiative, take a look at Kickdefella’s and Rockybru’s ‘value for no money’ report and the Al-Jazeera report.

Other ‘value for no money’ reports : YB Jeff Ooi , ShanghaiStephen , Tony Yew , Eli Wong , Pinkpau , Ancient Mariner , Shar101 , Melvin Mah , den-yel , Vijay Kumar

Credit to a monarch who has demonstrated that he has the well-being of his people at heart.

Credit to the anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia who made 10-eleven a historic day.

Credit to the Amal marshals, who did a marvellous job guiding the marchers to the palace. PAS has every reason to be proud of these young men.

Credit to the politicians who walked with us. There were no political slogans, banners or speeches to detract from the fact that this was principally a civil society initiative which had the support of political parties. 

Credit to the Bar Council and its team of lawyers who were on duty to monitor the rally and to come to the aid of arrestees. At the time of this posting, I am informed by Bar Councillor Edmund Bon that from their records, all 34 arrestees have been released.

Finally, before I forget, to all those who did not attend the rally and march yesterday because you thought that there would be no need to as you were sure there would be others to make up the numbers, you owe a big ‘Thank You’ to Amri of Shah Alam.

He bore your responsibility on his shoulders.


Amri, it was an honour to walk with you.

10 – Eleven.

Let this remain our clarion call to come together as one people and restore democracy, good governance and justice for all.