Do we, the people, have it in us to bring the falsehood mongers to their knees?

Posted on November 14, 2007



Birdseye commented :

“Since the government is not ever going to tell them to print what they want, we, the people, can help to speed up their demise by not buying the papers. The internet provides all the news I care about so I have not bought a newspaper for the last three years.”

That’s what I, too, have been doing for some time now, until two nights ago.

Had a chat with someone on Monday night last and, as he rightly pointed out, the newspapers don’t care two hoots about the RM1.20 that we pay to read the rubbish they churn out.

That’s probably petty cash to them.

Their revenue comes from the sale of advertisement space.

Not buying their papers will not really hurt the newspaper companies.

Not buying products advertised in those papers, though, just might, if it became common knowledge in the commercial world that products and services were being boycotted because they were being advertised in a particular news daily.

It might also drive home the point that corporate citizens must also play their part in encouraging honest and transparent news reporting.

Birdseye, that’s what I’m doing.

I am going to boycott all products and services advertised in our local newspapers.

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