Forgive us, God, for we knew not what we were doing!

Posted on November 17, 2007



This is addressed to all those who voted in the last general elections.

Please go to the website with the last election results which is linked below. Please read through this post before you go to that link.

Please locate your constituency results.

Look at both the candidate you voted for and the candidate(s) you rejected.

Please send in a comment to share with us the constituency in which you voted, why you voted for whoever you voted and why you rejected the other(s).

Then tell us if you had the same candidates in the next elections, would you vote the same way or differently, and why.

Let me start the ball rolling.

In the last election, I voted in the PJ Selatan parliamentary constituency.

I voted for Donald Lim. I did not know anything about the man I chose nor did I take the trouble to research about him.

I voted him for two reasons.

First, I was taken in by the host of promises that were made by Pak Lah. I therefore voted for the dacing symbol rather than because of the track record of the man I voted for.

Second, though Sivarasa was known to me and I have great respect for him, I was not prepared to vote for Keadilan as I perceived it then to be a party helmed by those cut from the same cloth as UMNO, but who found themselves out in the political wilderness when DSAI got sacked. Again, my decision not to vote for this candidate was premise on the symbol he represented and not because of the man.

Had Siva stood as an independent, he would have gotten my vote, notwithstanding Pak Lah’s promises.

Edit on 18/11/2007 : Beh Sai Hong drew my attention to my omission to answer my second query : how would I vote now if the candidates are the same?

Thanks, Beh.

This round, BN is not getting my vote, Donald or anyone else.

My first move, and one that I hope to initiate soon, would be to try and see if PJ Selatanites can source and offer someone an independent candidate from within the local community as an alternative to BN and Siva of PKR.

Only if PJ Selatanites cannot offer their own independent candidate will  I then give my vote to Siva. This, too, only because I have confidence in Siva’s human rights track record.  

The 2004 general election results is linked HERE.

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