The Reluctant Politician

Posted on November 21, 2007



No, this is not about the book on Tun Dr. Ismail.

This is about the kind of person we should be sending to Parliament.

The reluctant politician.

The one who has what it takes, who doesn’t want to get into Parliament, but gets in out of love for his country and his people, does the best he can, and can’t wait to have someone take his place.

Not  ckc1.jpg  nazri1.jpg   said-yusof.jpg or any of their coalition mates in Parliament.

These 3 and their colleagues are the ‘eager beaver, will stop at nothing to get in and stay in’ politicians who want to remain in Parliament in perpetuity.

And when you realise that a parliamentarian’s job, if properly done, is a thankless one, you might begin to wonder why anyone would want the job, let alone cling on to it.

Well, I suppose if you have had to kiss the number of a***s that some of these ‘eager beaver’ politicians have had to in order to get there, you might too. 

And make no mistake, their eagerness to get into Parliament is not borne out of a great love for you, me or this country.

They bring new meaning to the adage ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

And God, have they been helping themselves.

So why do these ‘eager beaver, helping themselves’ politicians keep getting sent back to Parliament? 

Gerrymandering, rigging, vote-buying, phantom voters and the likes aside, often it’s also because those better, integrity-conscious, honest, upstanding members of civil society will not come forward to offer themselves as alternative choices to those ‘eager beaver, helping themselves’ politicians.

These are the reluctant politicians.

They see the need to bring about change in the governance of the nation.

They want that change, and badly, and they will make that known.

Yet, they will not take that ultimate step to bring about that change.

These reluctant polticians are the ones who will not step into the political ring, take on the one in power, and make a real effort to replace these ‘eager beaver, helping themselves’ politicians.


The reasons are simply too numerous and varied to mention, ranging from ‘I don’t have the stomach for politics’, ‘I’m busy’, ‘I have young children’ to ‘my wife won’t let me’.

In truth, all these reasons lead to one end : I want change, but let someone else walk my talk.

Even if I am better than the other to walk that talk.

So who are these reluctant politicians?

Where are they?

Remember the 5,035 signatories to the petition? The 40,000++ that did the 10-Eleven?

You will find them there.

Amongst these are men and women who could turn this country around.

You know who they are.

Amongst your friends, your fathers and your mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters.

Tell them that the old adage, ‘God helps them who help themselves’ means one thing to the ‘eager beaver, helping themselves’ politicians.

For you and I, though, it means what it has always meant.

If we don’t go beyond the talk, the change that we want won’t happen.  

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