Why I will not walk this Sunday and why the walk must not proceed

Posted on November 24, 2007



Last night 2 Indian gentlemen approached me and asked me to lend support for the Hindraf rally on Sunday.

I apologised to them and said I could not lend support to this initiative, not because I do not support the call to alleviate the lot of the Indians in this country, but because the Hindraf call is only to address the economic and social neglect of the Hindu / Indian community, and not the fate of all underprivileged, deprived and marginalised Malaysians, regardless of race.

And make no mistake, there are underprivileged, deprived and marginalised Malaysians of all races, without exception, in the country.

The Hindraf call, to my mind, is as chauvinistic and communal as is the UMNO call to defend ‘ketuanan Melayu’. 

Both stand in the way of any earnest effort to forge a nation of a single people.

That is what I stand for and that is what I will walk for.

Justice and equality for all people.

Yes, I walked on 10-Eleven, but that walk and the one planned for this Sunday cannot be equated, other than that both are founded on the constitutionally guaranteed right to peacably assemble.

On 10-Eleven, Gelombang Kuning was made up of every race.

10-Eleven was an event to champion all the people, not a race.

 As we were dispersing from the Istana, an elderly Indian gentleman whom I did not know and who was obviously caught up in the euphoria of the moment, came up to me and, without saying a word, hugged me. That silent, momentary embrace between 2 strangers, one an Indian and the other a 1/2 Malay, who had just walked together for the love of their country and its people sums up the difference between 10-Eleven and the intended rally this coming Sunday. 

The organisers of the Hindraf rally are expecting Malays to attend their rally, but not in the spirit that held sway on 10-Eleven.

In his letter to the PM dated 20/11/2007, Uthayakumar pointedly states that a malay muslim group and Indian gangsters together with the police Special Branch are trying to disrupt our said peaceful assembly and create chaos and possible violence on 25.11.2007. Please investigate this matter and take the appropriate action accordingly’.                       

It is becoming increasingly plain to me that the Hindraf rally planned for this Sunday will present to UMNO and BN the perfect stage to resurrect their ‘May 13’ bogeyman, blame the ‘chaos and possible violence’ that Uthayakumar himself anticipates on the recent call by civil society to allow the right to peacably assemble, demonise the struggle for greater democracy as that which is plunging this nation into racial tension, and trumpet again that BN is the only one that can maintain racial stability in this country.

Surely, this has not escaped Uthayakumar and his friends in Hindraf.

The action commenced in UK against the British government, in my view,  reflects the wisdom that the Hindraf leadership are clearly possessed with. A stroke of genius.

I pray that wisdom will also prevail in the Hindraf leadership now and that they will make an early decision to call off the rally.   

I have attempted to contact Uthayakumar by telephone to implore him to do the right thing. I have not been able to get through. I shall continue to try.

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