2nd December, 2007 : Saffron Sunday

Posted on November 29, 2007



In my ‘observation of the rally’ post, I noted that I saw a lot of determined people in the rally.

Someone sent me a whole series of photos. 

These say it all.

He steels himself for what is to come.




Go on, do the worst that you can do, for I walk the path of righteousness and I shall fear no evil.


The force unleashed.





Do what you will, I will not waiver from my quest for justice.


No disrespect intended to the Hindraf leadership, but these were the heroes of 25/11.

These are the fellow Malaysians whose determination and resolve for justice the rest of us must emulate.

Can we?

Brave commentators in this blog, can you?

Bobsam wrote in a comment :

What do u say, this weekend, we all light a candle for our country. MALAYSIA!

Bobsam, I say let us take it further.

I say civil society adopt the march on 25/11 by our brothers and sisters as our rallying call to end marginalisation, deprivation and neglect of any and all Malaysians. 

I say we commemorate their sterling lesson of bravery and determination this Sunday, 2nd December, 2007, say round about 8.30pm, by getting our friends together and, wherever we are, lighting candles.

PM is reported to have threatened the use of the ISA.

Let us light candles this Sunday to send out a message that we will not be bullied.

Let us call 2nd December, 2007 Saffron Sunday.

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