People, we got rid of Fairuz. Now get rid of Rashid

Posted on November 29, 2007



Pak Lah and his merry men want to make sure Rashid runs one more election for them.

Yes, the next election that we are expecting any time soon.

Rashid is due to retire on 31st December, 2007.

The move to extend Rashid’s term for another year could mean either that the elections will only be held next year or if before the end of this year, then Rashid is still needed to helm the EC if and when there are petitions to challenge any election results.

Pak Lah is pushing for a constitutional amendment to extend the retirement age to 66.

There they go again, messing about with our constitution for their own ends.

On 20th November, 2007, bodoh! bodoh! bodoh! tabled the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2007 in Parliament for its first reading. This bill seeks to extend the retirement age of EC members to 66.

The bill is scheduled for the second and third reading on 11th December, 2007.

Kim Quek has written an excellent piece on this disgraceful move to tinker with the constitution. It appears in Malaysiakini and you can read it HERE

On the day scheduled for the second and third reading of the bill, BERSIH is planning a gathering outside Parliament at 11am to call on parliamentarians to vote against the bill.

What can we do now?

Click HERE. This is a link to all the details of the MPs.

Find the postal address or e-mail details of your MP.

Write to your MP now and tell him or her that you want him to vote against the amendment bill. Tell your MP that you will check Hansard to make sure that if he or she speaks during the second and third reading of the bill, that he or she speaks against the bill. Remind your MP that he or she is there to represent you and not the party. Tell your MP that how he or she votes on this bill will determine how you will vote in the coming elections. Tell your MP that you want a new chairman of the EC.

Send a copy of your letter to your MP to

I will collate all such letters so that we will all know which MP has been directed by their constituents on this important issue and who from amongst them abided by this direction.

People, you walked the talk on 10-Eleven.

It’s time to walk the talk again.

You are up to it.

I know you can.