Saffron Sunday

Posted on November 29, 2007



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adamabd, in a comment to my suggestion that this 2nd December, 2007 we commemorate our Hindu brothers efforts on 25/11 as a rallying call to emancipate all underprivileged Malaysians by lighting candles, asked :

‘Haris, you suggested a candle-lit vigil as an alternative. All nice and quiet, right? My kind of show. And what’s the significance of the candle?’

First, the significance of the candle.

On 19th June, 2007, Malaysians converged on Dataran Merdeka to light candles in solidarity with Revathi. You can read about it HERE.

From that day, this blog has carried a lit candle in the sidebar.

It represents, for me, the light of love, hope and solidarity of a people waking up.

All nice and quiet, you asked?

Well, its up to you. You can have a wild party and light candles or make it a quiet affair with the family.

Me. I’m going to get a few friends together, and maybe some family members and light some candles. If you would like to join us, please send me an e-mail at . You’ll have to identify yourself, though. Yes, just like you did when you signed the petition. No anonymity, please. And as I do want to keep this small so that we can really fraternise, do not be offended if I reply and say that we have reached optimum. 

Blogger friends, please help to publicise this initiative.

People, commit yourselves to tell 20 others about this initiative. Urge them to tell 20 others. Call your friends and family who do not have access to the internet and tell them about Saffron Sunday, why we are doing it and ask them to join in and to tell others. Ask them to take photos and to send it to you.

Wherever you and your friends meet to light candles, please take pictures and send them to me if you do not have your own blog to put them up.

Next week, I will dedicate a post to put up all pictures and write-ins from anyone who cares to send them in to

If we commit ourselves to this, it is not impossible to have candles lit at 8.30pm on Saffron Sunday from Perlis to Johor.

And Sabah and Sarawak. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters there.

 Wouldn’t that tell us how strong civil society has become?

Wouldn’t that send out a very strong message to the government that they must heed our call for change?

I shall be asking a friend who subscribes to Google Earth to get pictures.

People, like the many initiatives started through this blog, Saffron Sunday is yours, not mine.

Its success and effectiveness, or otherwise, is in your hands.

UPDATE : My friend with the Google Earth account has just told me to stop talking nonsense.

Sigh! No satellite picture.

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