Got to know my MP

Posted on December 5, 2007



9 of us got to YB Donald Lim’s service centre in PJ at 10pm last night.


Meeting started about 10.35 and went on until almost 12.15am this morning.

It was frank and often hard-hitting. Everyone spoke their mind.

As a group we made two things very clear.

First, we were tired of and wanted an end to race-based politics. Our next vote would not be based on a party symbol but for an individual who stood for the same issues and concerns that we did.

Second, that we wanted YB Lim to break rank and vote against the bill to amend the Constitution to extend the tenure of EC Rashid by another year. We stressed that how he voted on this bill would significantly dictate how we voted next time round.

We also got feedback from YB Lim on the 3 issues we had raised with him at the last meeting.

  • Bangsa Malaysia, the aspiration of one people, one nation
  • our secular system of government and its seeming erosion
  • the establishment of the IPCMC.

Personally, the two meetings have been extremely satisfying for me.

I now know my present MP, the limitations within which he has to work and what he can and cannot do.

And I have a clearer picture now about how I must go about deciding on my representative in Parliament next time round.

Conclusions drawn from the meetings?

I am going to let the members of this group think over the matters discussed and the feedback from the MP, perhaps brainstorm over the same, and then share their thoughts with you, if they will, at a press conference. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank YB Lim for making time to see us.

The meeting ended most cordially.