Petition on the Zaki appointment

Posted on December 13, 2007



Number of signatories as at noon today : 715

splim said in a comment :

‘I thought I read in the Sun yesterday, that Zaki was already sworn in together with the new CJ. Is it true? If it’s true then, there is no point in petitioning anymore’.

splim, apart from the Sun, this news item was also carried in the Star.

Strangely, neither NST nor Malaysiakini had any report on this.

I called some of my contacts in the media to make inquiries. Most said this was news to them and that they would check and get back.

One did.

This particular journalist informed me that this journalist had checked with sources in the AG’s chambers and was informed that Zaki has not as yet received his ‘watikah’ ( which, upon further inquiry, I was informed is the letter of appointment bearing the Agong’s assent ).

15 minutes ago, I received information from a source that I consider to be reliable that Zaki received his watikah yesterday.

It would therefore appear that Zaki has indeed been appointed as President of the Court of Appeal.

Back to splim’s take : if it’s true, then there’s no point petitioning anymore.

The petition is not mine. It’s ours.

I am in favour of still sending the petition in to register with His Majesty that some of us were not in favour of Zaki’s appointment prior to a finding by the Royal Commission.

People, please guide me on this.