You want democracy on a silver platter?

Posted on December 17, 2007



I, too, was disappointed that the Bar Council’s planned human rights walk on 9/12/2007 had been called off.

I, too, was disappointed that the Bar Council, in its deliberations, took the decision to call off the walk rather than to push on with it.

I understand that it was a split decision. 

Bar Councillors in favour of the walk proceeding were in the minority.

In most organisations, decisions will turn on the votes of those who make up the governing body.

The Bar Council is no different.

We, at the Bar, also practice democracy.

Being disappointed with the latest decision, I will try to discover those who voted against the walk.

And in the next Bar elections, I will know who to vote for and who not to vote for.

Meanwhile, I do not have to slag off anyone. 

It will not change the decision. 

Perhaps the loudest and most vociferous criticism of the Bar in general and the Bar Council on this isssue has come from my dear friend, Zorro, and commentators to his blog.

Zorro said much.

I will touch on only one.

He said : I want to convince myself that most of the lawyers put justice and human rights first before the rice bowl.

My questions to Zorro.

Why only the lawyers?

What about journalists, editors, doctors, clergy, teachers, managers, sportsmen?

Why is it only the lawyers must forgo their rice bowl in the quest for justice and human rights?

What about you?

Yes, you, the one who is reading this now.

What about you?

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