MPs of Ampang, PJ Selatan, Rasah, Pasir Gudang, Segambut & Puchong, hear us loud and clear : You have been sacked

Posted on December 18, 2007



I welcome these anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia to be part of a ‘get an MP’ initiative for the above constituencies which are presently without representation in Parliament.

If there are others who are registered to vote in the above constituencies and would like to try and put someone in Parliament who truly understands and respects the principle of government of the people, for the people and by the people, send me an e-mail at


We asked you to vote against the extention of the EC chairman Abdul Rashid.


However you did not heed to the people’s voice. 

Did you not realise that you represent, “we the people”?   

As of now, we have sacked you as our MPs.


We will be currently looking at the profiles of the opposition candidates for the forthcoming elections. 

Never mind if you sitting duck MPs consider youselves as having more experience and clout than that of the opposition.   

We are willing to bear with it. We have seriously considered and have now decided to vote for opposition candidates at the next election in the above consitutiencies. 

We have decided that the forthcoming four years or eight years, whatever it is, will be as a training to goom the candidates in opposition and eventually they will be ready to take over.   

We gave you a chance, and you MPs have refused to heed to “the office of the citizen”.


Therefore you are no longer fit to represent us. 

Consider yourself sacked by the families and friends of:   

The Naidus,

Saravanan and family,

Prakash family, friends & neighbours,

Ravindran & fly,

Mani & Co,

Vicknes, brothers & peers

Devi & sisters.

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