PJ Selatan, let’s get an MP (2)

Posted on December 18, 2007



5,036 signed the petition to His Majesty to restore the judiciary back to the rakyat.

Some of those signatures were received by sms from people I knew personally. 

Most were by e-mail.

Some e-mail would contain more than one signature, as might be the case where one person confirms for himself, his spouse, his parents and his in-laws.

In the result, what I have in the database is 5,036 names, of which 3,528 are contactable by e-mail.

My staff have been working very hard to sort out these 5,036 names according to parliamentary constituencies, where people have in fact registered to vote. Some have not registered to vote. I therefore also have a ‘register’ of those who signed the petition but have not registered to vote. Shall be sending you a reminder soon.

For PJ Selatan, I have the names of 40 registered voters whose e-mail addresses I have and another 90 registered voters whose e-mail addresses I do not have.

I have today sent out invitations to the 40 to join the ‘PJ Selatan get an MP’ initiative. Some have responded. I am waiting for others.

If you are registered to vote in PJ Selatan and would like to be part of an effort to put into Parliament someone who understands that he or she represents the voters and not the party, please send an e-mail to thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com

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