Boycott the newspapers ! (2)

Posted on December 24, 2007



Nanda sent in a comment on the ‘Hartal MSM’ initiative. I thought it was sufficiently constructive to put it up as a post.

It appears below.

We have taken upon ourselves a difficult task, yes. Yet, individually, there is much we can do.

Nanda and his friends have shown us that we can. 


I think it may be beneficial for me to share what a few friends and I have been up to.

A bunch of friends and I have been downloading and printing insightful news (we can’t print everything that appears online) and distribute it to older relatives and friends who as you correctly pointed, may not be able to operate the computer. In turn we only ask them to pass it around to as many people as they know as well.

Through my discussion with my friends, what we came to agree upon are:

1) Its not practical to print out all the news that we can find online and in the blogs. There are just too many

2) Its not going to be practical for us to constantly continue printing and distributing

Hence, what can be done about it would be:

1) Exercise our judgement and consult our conscience and choose the relevant/informative/insightful news or articles, writings which conveys the truth and compile, print, photocopy and distribute as we can

2) By doing this for a few times, try to arouse the curiosity for the older generation to learn to operate computers just for the matter of getting these news at least.

In order to reach the older generation who are not familiar with operating computers, this can be further broken down into 2 categories:

1) People who have computer and internet access at home with hopefully children like didee who is technology savvy

2) People who do not have computers and internet access at home.

For the 1st category, its relatively easier. We can teach them to open the browser and teach the basic functions of opening, closing and refreshing the page they are viewing.

The sites which we/they would consider really beneficial and important for them, we can set in the ‘favourites’ and hence, every basic ground for getting the updates from blogs for the first category can be covered.

For the second category, its kindda hard as we need to try to get them to internet cafe’s/library/neighbours and get online. I’m still trying to figure out the method to better reach these people.

Perhaps there are others out there with better ideas. Lets share and get this thing really moving.