Segambut, Selayang, PJ Utara & Serdang, wanna get an MP?

Posted on December 24, 2007



kimchan, I shall be sending you the invite to get into the Segambut e-group. Look forward to working with you on this initiative. There are already a few individuals who have committed to this initiative. Paul Warren, hope to have your input here.

I met Krishnan from Rawang on Saturday. He was earnest about wanting to work on a similar initiative for Selayang. Made a few phone calls to people I had spoken to earlier in the Selayang constituency. The answer was the same. They all want change and are game to try.

A few PJ Utara folk have e-mailed to ask if an initiative similar to PJ Selatan could be started. How can I say no?

And then there is Serdang. My friend, Jeff Ooi, will be fielded as a candidate. I think it is worth starting a similar initiative in Serdang to give the voters an opportunity to get to know this man and what he will stand for.

I will be sending invites to those of you who signed the petition to the Agong on the judiciary and who are registered to vote in these areas, to participate in this initiative.

If you are registered to vote in Segambut, Selayang, PJ Utara or Serdang, have gotten quite fed up with your present MP, want a change and are prepared to work for it, send an e-mail to . Let me have your name and ic number so that I can verify that you are indeed from the constituency that we are working on.

People, if you don’t try, you will never know just what you can achieve.   

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