Boycott the newspapers ! (4)

Posted on December 26, 2007



The concerns voiced about the impact this initiative would have on the income of the newsvendors is noted.

Does anyone know how much the vendor earns for a copy of the NST delivered to your doorstep?

RM0.20? RM0.40?

Let’s just say he makes RM0.30 for the copy he delivers to you. Multiply this by 30 days and he makes RM9.00 a month from you to deliver that 1 newspaper to you daily for the whole month. If you subscribe for 2 dailies, that’s RM18.00 per month he makes from you.

That’s the amount he stands to lose if you stop buying the papers through him.

Now what if you told him you would still pay him that RM9.00 or RM18.00, not to deliver papers to you, but to pick up copies of internet-based news that you have downloaded and photostated and to then deliver these with the newspapers he delivers on his daily rounds?

He still gets his income from you, and you get to disseminate the alternative news to those who are still buying and reading the MSM.

Nanda, would this fit in with what you and your friends are presently doing?

Just a thought.