‘Get an MP’ initiatives

Posted on January 7, 2008



The Selayang group is scheduled to meet tomorrow.

Had hoped to meet up with the Segambut group yesterday but owing to such short notice plus some miscommunication, Kim and I thought we’d reschedule the meeting so that we’d have a larger attendance. Patrick, sorry for the screw-up. I owe you a teh tarik.

 Saturday afternoon, met up with Doc and Chew from Serdang. Had a discussion about how to get the numbers up for the Serdang initative and how to move on to work and lend help to get Serdangites proper representation in Parliament.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘PJ Selatan get an MP’ second meeting on Saturday night.


When you have a meeting of so many strong-minded Malaysians, its bound to be vigorous with a free-flow of ideas between very, very opinionated people, myself included.

You begin to realise that Malaysians do know how to and can forcefully argue their point without getting personal. There is indeed hope of getting good people into Parliament. They are within our midst.

And the thing I’ve enjoyed most in my involvement with these initiatives is meeting like-minded people outside of cyberspace.

The PJ Selatan initiative is going into overdrive now. Look out for an announcement from the group of a soon-to-be-held press conference.

Yesterday, I had a working lunch with Zorro and Tony Yew. Turns out both are registered to vote in Subang and both immediately leapt at my suggestion that they should perhaps lead in an initiative to get an new MP for Subang.

So, yes, the ‘Subang get an MP’ initiative is hereby launched.

Groups that are already up and running :

1. PJ Selatan

2. PJ Utara

3. Segambut

4. Selayang

5. Serdang   

If you are registered to vote in any of these constituencies, are fed up with the way your BN MP has been taking your vote for granted and has shown greater allegiance to the party rather than you, the voter, and are prepared to work to get a new MP into Parliament at the next elections, please send me an e-mail at thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com

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