1st election issue : Vote ‘No’ for the ISA

Posted on January 14, 2008



If you want some general info about the ISA, you can read about it HERE .

Do you know how many are presently detained under the ISA?

In a parliamentary written reply in late November last year, Pak Lah confirmed then that there were 74 human beings detained at Kamunting as at 29th August, 2007.

Reasons for detention?

Involvement in Jemaah Islamiah, smuggling in illegal immigrants, falsifying documents and passports, and counterfeiting RM1 coins.

Unless I’m mistaken, 4 of them were recently released.

Add on the Hindraf 5 and the total now is 75.

And all have spouses and kids.

If these 75 have committed a crime, should they not be charged in court?

Should they be separated from their families indefinitely when the state has not preferred any charges against them?

Is this not wrong and most unjust?

Who should answer for this wrong?

According to Nazri, the defective law minister, the majority of Malaysians, the likes of you and I, are responsible for this.

On 26th July, 2004, in a debate between Nazri and Yang Berkhidmat Lim Kit Siang entitled “ISA – Yes or No?”, Nazri said that the BN’s victory in every election was proof that the rakyat was saying ‘Yes’ to the ISA.

Read Lee Ban Chen’s take on the debate HERE .

You know what? I think Nazri is right.

Every Malaysian who has continued to vote in BN whilst there have been human beings detained at Kamunting have been guilty of denying their fellow human beings the basic right of liberty and freedom; the right to be charged and to defend themselves at trial.

After Ops Lalang in 1987, we failed the detainees then by giving BN the vote in 1990.

Let’s not fail our 75 brothers and sisters now languishing in Kamunting.

Nazri says a vote for BN is a ‘Yes’ vote for the ISA.

Well, now vote ‘No’ for the ISA.

Don’t know how?

Take the cue from Nazri.

Don’t give your vote to BN.

I leave you with this inspirational videoclip by our Fahmi Reza


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