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Posted on January 30, 2008



Keep a lookout for this flyer


You should soon see this practically all over Petaling Jaya.

The ‘PJ Utara Get an MP’ group are the brains behind this flyer.

This group has also set up their own blog. You can access it by going to

These guys are so big hearted that the blog banner also alludes to similar initiatives that have been started in other constituencies. I imagine that the idea is to also outreach to non-PJ Utara registered voters and to let them know about these ongoing efforts.

Great work, guys!

If you are a registered voter in PJ Utara and would like to work to get some decent representation in Parliament for your constituency, why not drop into and get an idea of what these guys are up to.

 If you are registered to vote in PJ Selatan, Segambut, Subang, Selayang or Serdang, a ‘Get an MP’ for these areas have already been initiated. However, we need more people to get involved if these efforts are going to have any chance of being effective. If you would like to get involved, send an e-mail to

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