The People’s Voice & The People’s Declaration despatched to political parties

Posted on February 6, 2008



Today, hard copies of both The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration were despatched to all the component parties of BN as well as to DAP, PAS, PKR and PSM.

Those parties with their headquarters in the Klang Valley had these despatched by hand whilst those in Sabah and Sarawak were despatched by courier.

However, given the long holidays and the possibility that the offices may be closed over the next few days, soft copies of the same will also be sent by e-mail later today to enable the same to be accessed away from the office.

The accompanying letter, after introducing the 2 documents and explaining the nature of their contents, concluded as follows :

‘Adalah diharapkan pihak tuan akan meneliti isikandungan kedua-dua dokumen ini, menyampaikannya kepada pucuk pimpinan parti serta ahli-ahli parti dan terutama sekali calon-calon yang akan bertanding di pilihanraya yang akan datang. 

Adalah juga diharapkan bahawa pihak tuan sudi dalam masa yang terdekat untuk maklumkan rakyat samaada pucuk pimpinan parti tuan setuju dengan hasrat dan aspirasi rakyat seperti terkandung di dalam kedua-dua dokumen tersebut dan setuju untuk menerima yang sama sebagai manifesto parti tuan untuk pilihanraya yang akan datang.’

People, if you haven’t yet read these documents, please do so.

If you have, and you feel that it resonates with your own hopes and aspirations for this country, please heed Raja Petra’s call to present this ‘to whoever it is who may be contesting in your constituency, be they ruling party or opposition party, and tell these candidates that this is how we wish our country to be run when the new government is formed, whichever government it may be.

Ask the candidates and the political parties they represent to adopt this as their election pledge and promise to the voters. Better still, ask them to agree that this will be the backbone or foundation of their Election Manifesto, which must be irrevocable and which must be implemented within 12 months of the new government taking office’

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