Toni Kasim for PJ Selatan

Posted on February 11, 2008



Two months ago, it seemed like it was settled.

PJ Selatan would be contested by a PKR candidate and that candidate would be Sivarasa.

Now, the word is that Siva is going to Subang.

And rumours abound about who PKR might field in PJS.

Add this to the rumours that Parliament might be dissolved this 13th, and you begin to ask ‘Why must we, the voters, wait until the 11th hour to know who the candidates are?’

I know one person who is ready to offer herself as the PJ Selatan representative in Parliament after the 12th general elections.

Zaiton Kasim, or just Toni.


Have you heard of the Women’s Candidate Intiative 2?


Well, go check out their website HERE.

In 1999, Toni stood in Selayang as an independent candidate on a DAP ticket and gave the BN incumbent candidate, Chan Kong Choy, a run for his money. Toni took 43% of the votes polled, and cut Chan’s previous majority of 38,627 in 1995 to a mere 8,835!  

This year, the Women’s Candidate Initiative has once again pinned its hopes on Toni, and I personally think they could not have picked a better person.

I’ve worked with Toni over the last few years in various NGO activities and I’ve always known her to walk her talk. 

I understand that there are talks presently ongoing between WCI2 and PKR on the possibility of fielding Toni as the opposition candidate in a straight fight with BN in PJ Selatan.

PJ Selatanites, check out Toni’s profile .

I think she has what it takes to make a good MP.

If you think so too, write to PKR and register your views with the party leadership. 

I’ve written to PKR today. A pdf version of the letter is linked below. Feel free to adopt the same or draft your own. Send a copy to  and I will post it up on a ‘Support for Toni’ page.


Toni, you have my vote and my support.   

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