Posted on February 18, 2008



In ‘What change do we seek?’, SV Singam suggests a displacement of BN by a Barisan Alternatif (BA) in the next elections.

Instead of BA, why not a Barisan Rakyat?

On 4th February, civil society launched 2 documents : The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration.

On 6th February, on behalf of all Malaysians, I had sent copies of both documents to all BN component parties and to DAP, PAS, PKR and PSM with the the expressed hope that these parties would adopt the aspirations declared by the rakyat in these documents as the way forward for our nation.

By Saturday, 16th February, PKR, DAP, PAS, PSM, MDP and PASOK had confirmed their endorsement of The People’s Declaration.

On behalf of the rakyat, let me take this opportunity to thank the leadership of these parties for their swift response and their willingness to heed The People’s Voice.

I understand these endorsements to mean that these 6 parties have each agreed to work for and serve the rakyat to achieve those aspirations detailed in these two documents. If so, this represents a huge achievement both by civil society and these 6 parties in having arrived at this consensus. 

Add to this the report in Malaysia Today that seat divisions between PKR and DAP in Peninsula Malaysia have been resolved so as to avert 3-corner contests, and one begins to hope that perhaps we are beginning to see some light at the end of the BN tunnel.

What we ask now is that these party leaders demonstrate equal wisdom in the choice of candidates who are expected to give effect to our aspirations after the next elections.

We go to the polls on 8th March. This is our elections to enable us to decide to whom we will entrust management of our nation and our people for another term.

We have seen the evil that BN is. Let us rid ourselves of these blood-sucking parasites.

We now have 6 parties who have responded positively to our call to work with us to manage this nation founded on The People’s Declaration.

Why should we not embrace all these parties as our Barisan Rakyat by which we begin to bring about the change that we want in our country?

And who is to say, if a PBS or a Gerakan should come-a-calling, why not?

People, we have an opportunity to try and re-shape the politics of our land.

We must seize the moment now. 

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