On Hindraf: Looks like Abdullah, sounds like KJ

Posted on February 18, 2008



By Helen Ang


Lingamspeak: “It looks like me and it sounds like me” but it’s really the Phantom of the Opera. 

Malaysia Boleh is giving a new twist to Orwell’s Doublespeak in our SiL-FiL double jeopardy act. And it’s beginning to be difficult to distinguish between Senior and Junior who speak alike on illegality and unlawfulness. I reckon we just ought to look out for the big ears to indicate Papa.  

On Nov 6, 2007 in the run-up to the Bersih rally, Khairy Jamaluddin said: “This is an illegal gathering by an illegal organisation. The authorities, particularly the police, must apprehend those who organise this gathering.”  

The PM’s son-in-law also said Umno Youth could easily muster equal numbers to face-off those of 10-Eleven but this was not the proper way. “That is not the way taught by Hishammuddin.”

KJ further added: “It’s bad enough that they gather and cause inconvenience to the public. If we face them, it would cause a confrontation that can cause chaos.”  

On Feb 16, 2008, Bernama reported this: “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today condemned the action of an unlawful organisation in organising an illegal assembly in Kuala Lumpur today, saying it was an attempt to raise fear in the people and disrupt the general election.” 

KJ’s father-in-law said BN leaders rejected all forms of such action [Hindraf protests] which did not bring any benefit, and that BN always did things in ways acceptable to the people. 

On Feb 16, Bernama reported Deputy Minister of Higher Education Ong Tee Keat as saying children in Malaysia need to be inculcated with values on international peace and understanding. On this day, the Indians who turned out in peace had not been greeted with understanding, so what does that tell their little ones?  

I would hope the Indian children, primed for Roses Day, do not read mainstream media (MSM). For MSM is saying that what their parents in Hindraf have done “is to manipulate their community, disgrace their country, and tell such vile lies that even the most cynical of Malaysians would never believe.” (NST, Feb 17). 

I shall leave you to ponder on three op-eds by MSM writers who look Indian or whose name sound Indian but then again, this is Bolehland.  


In ‘Hindraf bane upon the nation’ (NST, Dec 12, 2007), Chandra Muzaffar writes: “If Hindus are facing annihilation, how does one explain the glaring fact that in the state of Selangor, on a per capita basis, there are more Hindu temples than mosques and surau put together?” 

# Is Chandra counting the little shrines under trees and altars lodged in crevices? Obviously he didn’t calculate the temples versus mosques facts on the ground on a per square foot basis.  


In ‘Led astray by Hindraf leaders’ (NST, Feb 17, 2008), Marc Lourdes writes: “And it is even more abhorrent and abominable if those manipulating the masses are those who have, despite the persecution they claim, received the opportunities that allowed them to become lawyers.” 

# Doubtless the Hindraf leaders completed their law studies on Mara and PSD or Petronas scholarships. 


In ‘Change must come from within ourselves’ (The Star, Nov 26, 2007), Joseph Raj writes: “Some will argue that the [Indian] community, which makes up about 8% of the population, has a decent, even an enviable, share of the economic pie in Malaysia.”   

# Is Raj referring to the enviable  slices belonging to Ananda Krishnan, G. Gnanalingam and Tony Fernandes (to borrow three names cited by Marc Lourdes) or to the decent pie crumbs of labourers and estate workers?  

WHEN DOVES CRY                                                                                                                                                                               This is what the government sounds like: “The average Indian Malaysian household income in 2004 was RM3,456.”  

# If they all received RM3,456 per month, who would support Hindraf?  

They look like MSM but they sound like BN. If you’re willing to boycott BN, shouldn’t you do the same with MSM?