Tony Pua for PJ Utara : SS2 ceramah last night

Posted on February 26, 2008






I spoke at Tony’s ceramah last night.

My message to voters :

People Power! Makkal Sakti!

Time to take back our country from corrupt, self-serving BN politicians.

We do not vote to secure 20% for the Chinese and 9%  for the Indians. We vote to secure 100% for all Malaysians, for all anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia.

We must reject the race-based divide-and-rule BN.

Pak Lah has failed to deliver on all of his pre-2004 election promises, without exception.


All BN MP’s, Chew Mei Fun included, have failed to honour their oath of office to uphold and defend our Constitution, our Social Contract. The ‘give one more year to EC Rashid’ amendment in December last year is a fine example of how BN has messed up our Constitution to suit their own ends.

Pak Lah is not serious about restoring the judiciary as the constituional institution that serves to protect the rights of the rakyat. 

People are the Boss. We are the Yang Berhormat. DAP want our vote. They therefore undertake to serve as Yang Berkhidmat.

DAP has endorsed The People’s Declaration. PAS, PKR, MDP, PSM and PASOK, too have endorsed The People’s Declaration. They are now part of the Barisan Rakyat.

I have every confidence that Tony has the qualities to serve the people of PJ Utara in parliament.

tony-pua.jpg Tony Pua is our barisanrakyat2a2.jpg candidate.

Vote for Tony and vote for Barisan Rakyat.