Ceramahs last night

Posted on February 27, 2008




Attended two. Charles Santiago’s in Klang and a PKR ceramah in Kelana Jaya.

Spoke at Charles’s and was part of the audience in Kelana Jaya.

Sorry, no photos as I forgot to re-charge the camera battery.

My 2 sen that I shared with the Klangites.

Hindraf 5 were in detention under ISA because, according to that former Bodoh!Bodoh!Bodoh minister, Malaysians want the ISA and its use when needed. Nazri challenged those who opposed the ISA to make it an election issue. He said that if the rakyat do not want the ISA, they will vote out BN.

The audience was unanimous that they did not want the ISA. I asked them to take up Bodoh’s challenge and register their opposition to the ISA through the ballot box.

Also drew the attention of the audience to the attempt by BN to spin the Hindraf rallies and claims as a ‘race issue’.

Shared my perception that the rally on 25/11 saw some 30,000 brave Malaysians step out into the streets to draw attention to the plight of all marginalised Malaysians, regardless of race.

Also referred to the report in the media that Pak Lah, in launching the BN manifesto, had claimed that all the promises in the run-up to the last election had been fulfilled. All lies.

Closed off with we, the rakyat are the boss, we are the Yang Berhormat and reminded Charles that in seeking the votes of the people of Klang, he has offered to serve as their Yang Berkhidmat. And the rakyat will not settle for less.

Crowd attendance whilst I was there : About 300 

I skipped down to the Kelana Jaya ceramah as I had been informed that the PKR candidate for this parliamentary seat, Loh Gwo-Burne, would be there and I hoped I might get a chance to hear him speak.

No luck.

Anwar spoke, though. And aside from his usual charismatic delivery touching on the many issues plaguing the nation, he alluded to the young candidates that PKR had nominated for the Kelana Jaya parliamentary and state seats, including Gwo-Burne.

Unless I misheard him, he referred to Gwo-Burne as ‘highly educated’ and an ‘expert in China law’. 

Crowd attendance : About 1,000