Loh Gwo-Burne : How now, Kelana Jaya voters?

Posted on February 27, 2008




31 comments to the ‘PKR, why,why,why?’ post with so many diverse views.

Farida’s though, resonated with my own thoughts.

I have reproduced Farida’s comment below for the benefit of all you Kelana Jaya registered voters.


Dear All,

I am not from Kelana Jaya but what goes on there and every other constituency is the rakyat’s business.

Firstly, not every constituency can have a candidate with established credentials. Don’t forget that even established candidates began as first-timers. And first-timers can find delivering their first speeches formidable, and the first run gruelling. But if they stay the course, over the years, they will mature into credible and even incredible Yang Berkhidmats.

Secondly, we are out to defeat BN. So the focus has to be on Billie or Loh. THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE. You can use this space to argue all you want but it is a done thing – Billie or Loh. If I were a KJaya member, I’d go for Loh for the following reasons:

(a) No matter what the hidden/personal/ self-gratifying reason may be for contesting, he already has a track record, people. He came back to testify, he came back to expose what needed to be exposed. Remember, he could have chosen to stay away from it all.

I call that accountability. I call that taking responsibility. I call that stepping up to the demand of the moment.

(b) So he wins and does a disastrous job of being an MP? Take him to task, your yang berkhidmat, put him on the carpet and finally, if he does not learn, sack him at the next elections.

Billie? He garnered less votes in 2004 than in 1999. He is the role model for his failure theory – ‘dare to fail’ We can’t afford that kind of thinking in this round of elections.

Bottomline: Will you give Loh a chance? After all, you gave BN so many chances. Where did that get us?

If not the party, then the man? MCA’s Lee Hwa Beng then?

Question: Did you hear his voice when BN wanted to extend Fairus’s tenure? Did he speak on your behalf when you called for Rashid’s term to be terminated? Has he ever dernouced the ISA? People, where was he? Towing the party line.

I asked a high-ranking MCA guy once why party members had to vote the party line and not according to their conscience.

His answer was simple but frightening : ‘Our taiko is UMNO,’ he replied.

I rest my case.