DAP’s TTDI ceramah last night is another reason why you should boycott the newspapers

Posted on March 3, 2008





RPK spoke. As did Tan Seng Giaw, Teresa Kok, Gobind, Nurul Izzah and I.

It was raining all through the ceramah.

I was alerted that I should not try to drive into the immediate vicinity of the ceramah but park elsewhere and walk. In the rain. Which I did.

The crowd? 2,000? 3,000? Did not have my camera with me so, again, sorry folks but no photos.

Check the newspapers. No report of anything about this ceramah. Pages upon pages of BN, BN, BN.

Fair newsreporting?

Painting the picture that BN is going to breeze through this elections.

You guys were there in TTDI. What do you think? Is BN going to retain Segambut hands down? No fight?

At least you netizens have access to the more reliable internet news portals. You know which ones.

Want to help your friends and relatives who are not so lucky, have no access to the internet, and may therefore fall for the false impression given by the newspapers?

Send this sms out to all your friends and relatives : ‘Strong winds of change blowing thru the Klang Valley! Don’t buy, don’t believe lying n’papers. No more lying cheating BN. Hidup Rakyat. Vote for change’