The People’s Parliament catches up with Loh Gwo Burne

Posted on March 3, 2008




Yesterday morning, I had a telephone conversation with someone from Gwo Burne’s campaign team.

‘Would I speak at his ceramah?’, I was asked.

I said I would revert to him.

This morning I called this individual and asked to meet Gwo Burne first to put to rest some nagging questions I and many have about his candidacy, as has been borne out by the numerous comments to related posts on this blog.

Gwo Burne and I met and chatted this morning. I asked the questions I wanted answered, and he obliged. The nagging questions and the answers thereto appear below. The chit-chat was for my own consumption.

In the next post, I will share with you my thoughts on why I have agreed to speak at his ceramah this Wednesday and Friday, in support of his candidacy.


Q1.  There is speculation that you have been offered as a candidate for the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat as aplant in the hope that if you do win, you will in a very short period of time create the need for a by-election to pave the way for DSAI or your father or someone else to contest. If this is so, I think you and the party are obliged to inform the voters of this plan. Otherwise, it would, in my view, amount to perpetrating a moral fraud or deception on the voters. How would you respond to this speculation?

lgb.jpg Haris, there is no truth to this. I am contesting because I believe I can make a difference. I came back to testify at theVK Lingam Commission hoping to make a difference for my country. I am now offering myself as a candidate for the same reason. To try and make a difference. No, there is no truth to this.

Q2. You’re presently based in Shanghai, yet offering to represent the people of Kelana Jaya in Parliament. Would you be relocating back to Malaysia if you are elected and if so, when do you expect that this will happen?

 lgb.jpg If the people vote me into Parliament, I will definitely be relocating. I will need a bit of time to go back and make the necessary arrangements. 1 – 1 1/2 months and I should have completely relocated.

Q3. It has been said that your command of Bahasa Malaysia is so woefully inadequate that you would not be able to be effective in Parliament. Do you agree? And if you do agree, and do get elected, would you be prepared to enrol in a Bahasa Malaysia course to improve your command of BM?

lgb.jpg The criticism is true. Haris, I will do what I need to do to improve my BM, whether I am elected or not.

Q4. The People’s Parliament is looking into the possibility of initiating a ‘How to be a good MP/ADUN’ course for some of the young candidates who get elected. In fact, I think this course should be made available to some of the seniors in Parliament as well. Are you prepared to give an undertaking to the voters that if you’re elected, you will avail yourself of such an initiative?

 lgb.jpg I think this is a very good initiative. I want to serve the people. And I am ready to learn. Yes, I certainly would attend to learn.

Q5. The People’s Parliament will shortly be making a pledge to the rakyat that for every Barisan Rakyat candidate that is successfully voted into Parliament or any state assembly, we will endeavour to form a ‘Representative Watch Committee’. The idea is that the elected representative concerned is to work hand-in-hand with this committee which will report every quarterly to the constituents on the work of that representative. A term report card, if you will. Will you undertake with the voters that if you’re elected to Parliament, you will co-operate fully with such a committee, keep the committee informed of any pending bills in Parliament or any national policy matters which ought to be brought to the attention of the electorate?

lgb.jpg I think this is another good effort. I really hope you will be able to get it going. Yes, I will certainly work with the electorate or such a committee as you have proposed.