My pledge to anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia

Posted on March 6, 2008




The People’s Parliament first launched the ‘Get to know your MP’ initiative.

We then progressed to the ‘Get an MP’ initiative.

Both these efforts were about bringing like-minded people together, to enable us to make informed choices about who we choose as our representatives in the state assemblies and in Parliament and to try and restore political power to the people.

I will not pretend that every group has been a success. Where it has not taken off as well as I had hoped, it was not for want of trying.

I, however, remain undaunted. I am still the optimist.

Last night, I made this pledge and promise when I spoke at the ceramah at Section 5/44,PJ and USJ3A.

I now make the same pledge and promise to you.

For every Barisan Rakyat candidate that is successfully voted into Parliament or a state assembly, I will put in place an initiative to set up for that constituency a ‘Representative Watch Committee’ (RWC).

The function of the RWC would be to work closely with the elected representative and to report back to the constituents, at least on a quarterly basis. The representative is expected to keep the RWC informed of policy that is being formulated or discussed ad impending legislation. In turn, the RWC serves as a conduit pipe to channel to the elected representative matter of concern of the voters.

People, like a lot of the other initiatives started through this blog, this idea is not cast in stone. That means I am open to receive your ideas on how best to take this initiative forward.

Like a lot of the other initiatives as well, it will not work without your involvement. I merely initiate. Your participation gives it life.

The PJUgetanMP initiative is one such instance.

It’s your call.